Lead-time and duty problem.
As all wheels are specially produced and built upon customers order confirmation, production lead-time is normally 20-25 working days. Some models can be shipped in 1-2 week. Please contact us in advance if you need them shipped faster.
To EU countries, customers can choose duty prepaid service. Customers do not need to pay import duty or VAT, our forwarder will pay that.

Where are the wheels shipped?
All wheels are specially produced and built in our factory in Xiamen China. We will ship all the customized wheels directly from China. A tracking number will be provided once wheels are shipped.

Whats the difference between Classic and Kaze.
Classic wheels have been selling for more than 8 years, which are with stable quality and cheap prices, but much more heavier than Kaze Series.
Kaze Series was just developed in 2018. Its light weight and with more advanced braking surface for rim brake version, high stiffness and much better finished appearance.

Whats the main difference between Feder and Kaze.
Well, Kaze is developed with light weight and beautiful rim appearance, as well as high stiffness. Kaze series is very budget-friendly.
Feder is actually the ultra-light version of KAZE, for low profile rims only. We only build Feder with light hubs.
If somebody is looking for a ultra-light wheelset, then choose Feder.

What's the difference between hookless and hooked?
Hookless is relatively lighter, it can only run tubeless tire. The layup design is more smooth and connected with the center channel of the rim. Material flows more smoothly and uniformly from the sidewall, up and over the hookless bead, and into the bead seat. Impact resistance is significantly increased with a hookless design. Hookless wheels run low tire pressure.
Hooked version can run both tubeless tire and clincher with inner tubes. Hooked version provides more stability and tire retention, especially at higher tire pressures.

Whats the max tire pressure for Hookless version.
Max tire pressure for hookless is 68psi.

Do you design your times to ETRTO standards/tolerances?
Our standard tolerance for wheels is +/-0.4mm.

I weight 168lbs do you recommend the 24h or 28h in your gravel rim?
Actually, 24H/24H is enough for 125kgs,

What tire can be used for your Kaze and Feder series?
For 28mm external wide rims, our riders tried the following tires:
- Schwalbe Pro One Tubless 25mm => 27.5mm
- Continental Grand Prix 4000S II 25mm => 28.0mm
- Continental Grand Prix 4000S II 23mm => 25.0mm
- S-Works Turbo Cotton 24mm => 27.6mm
After assembling all the tires at 8 bar, we came to the conclusion that the S-Works Turbo Cotton in the 24mm version fits best to the rim and builds aerodynamically perfect. Schwalbe Pro One and One are also good option.

Whats HMX and ATA braking surface?
HMX is a new type of materila. HM is the Mohs hardness unit, X is Roman numeral 10, representing Mohs hardness of 10. Sandpaper is with active ingredient silicon carbide Mohs hardness of 9-9.5, our Kaze and Feder rim brake surface even has higher hardness than sandpaper, so there is no fear of friction damage.
ATA is Anti to Aqua, which is the Anti-water design brake surface to guarantee cyclists excellence braking experience in any weather condition, especially wet weather. ATA needs extra treatment of the rim braking surface. Its an optional service.

Do I need brass nipples since they are much heavier?
Well, brass nipple version wheels will be about 30-40g/set heavier than alloy version. If you are in coast cities, its better to use brass nipples, as it can anti-corrosion. On the contrary, alloy nipples are ok.

Can I run inner tubes for Kaze and Feder series?
For all tubeless wheels hooked, you can run clincher tire with inner tubes. But hookless version can only run tubeless tire.

Is the wheelset without decals?
Normally, we have the Farsports logo on the Valve hole position. If you do not need logo, just leave a message on our webshop.

Can you do internal nipples?
All our wheels are customized upon special request. Internal nipple or External are both ok.

I've heard that alloy nipples are lighter but less secure than brass nipples, is that true ?
Alloy nipples are lighter, thats true. The brass nipples will be about 30-40g/set heavier. They are both safe with self-lock system. Brass nipples is anti-corrosion.

For ease of maintenance/spare parts/etc., I would prefer the S5 with the DT 240 EXP-hubs: is that possible?
Hubs for carbon spoke wheels must be specially designed, so we could not use DT240 EXP.