Building Bicycle Wheels

At Wheelsfar (Far Sports) we can build you a high quality full carbon wheels that fit your needs. We do not make compromises; every component we (because this is a collaboration between you and us) decide to use is of the highest quality.

  • Do you need a light-weight wheel? We can make that happen.

  • Do you need an aerodynamic wheel? We can make that happen.

  • Do you need internal nipples? We can make that happen.

  • Do you need tubeless without spoke holes? We can make that happen.

It is our job to make sure that the wheelset you end up with is not only the wheelset you want but that it also performs at the highest level; at or beyond your expectations.

Building wheels is a craft that requires knowledge and patience. We have 5 wheel builders. Among them, Lin has more than 8 years experience on building different types of wheels. He has the innate mechanical aptitude and attention to technical detail necessary for quality wheel building. He also has the artistic passion to stand by what we believe and to put a bit of himself into every wheel. Lin also do the final check for all built wheels to make sure they are accurate in spoke tension, offset etc...